About the Crowsnest Museum & Historical Society

The Crowsnest Museum main facility is located in the building of the old Coleman High School.

The Crowsnest Historical Society was formed in 1973 by a group of concerned citizens who recognized the need to preserve the unique cultural history of the Crowsnest Pass which was quickly disappearing.  The Crowsnest Historical Society is a recogized Not-for-Profit with Canada Revenue Agency, and has Society status under the Alberta Societies Act.

It was decided that a book telling the history of the Crowsnest Pass would be written. The book itself would be a fundraiser and could generate money for a future museum while preserving and telling the story. In 1976 the book "Crowsnest and its people" was published. It became a best seller and award winner. 

In 1981 the historical society acquired the Coleman High School. Renovations started in earnest on the two story building with the help of many dedicated volunteers and generous federal grants. 

In 1985 the Crowsnest Museum opened its doors to the public. 


Through its collection, the Crowsnest Historical Society and Crowsnest Museum & Archives protects, preserves, and portrays the cultural heritage of Crowsnest Pass and its people to ensure the knowledge of the past enriches the lives of present and future generations.


The Crowsnest Historical Society and Crowsnest Museum & Archives will be a leader in and catalyst for the preservation, protection, and portrayal of the cultural heritage of Crowsnest Pass.


  •         Group decision making
  •         Responsible short and long range planning
  •         Collaboration and partnership
  •         Open decision making
  •         Good communications
  •         Professional and ethical conservation practices
  •         Responsibility and accessibility to our community
  •         Fiscal responsibility and sustainability
  •         Learning experience & growth
  •         Collaborative leadership
  •         Preserving our heritage


  •         Preserve the community’s historic collection
  •         Enhance community archives
  •         Develop  & Implement educational programs
  •         Maintain the historic museum building and other properties
  •         Sustainability of Museum Operations
  •         Create new exhibits
  •         Increase community awareness of cultural heritage
  •         Partner and collaborate with stakeholders
  •         Increase volunteer base
  •         Alberta Provincial Police Barracks building fully restored and operational
  •         Board Development opportunities


Type of Organization

We have been incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta since 1974 and have charitable status for tax purposes. We hold membership in a number of provincial and federal heritage organizations and currently have a membership of between 100 and 200. We have an operations manager and one other full time employee. Additional staff is hired for the summer months.

 Recognized Museum Designation

The Crowsnest Museum has received the Recognized Museum designation from Alberta Museums Association.  The museum earned this designation after participating in the Museum Affirmation Program, a new initiative designed to strengthen the Association's accountability toward the public funds it distributes through grants and programming to the province's museums.

The Crowsnest Museum, has been provided with the Recognized Museum logo to display at their museum.  To earn this designation, the museum provided a panel of museum professionals with evidence demonstrating how they are meeting the internationally recognized definition of a museum.


Located in Coleman, National Historic Site, in the beautiful Crowsnest Pass.

7701 - 18th Ave. Box 306, Coleman AB T0K 0M0


Phone / Fax (403) 563-5434
email    cnmuseum@shaw.ca




Want to help support local history, and love visiting the Crowsnest Museum? By becoming a member of the Crowsnest Historical Society, you get free admission to the Museum for the entire year, a 10% discount on select items in the Gazebo Giftshop, and invitations to Museum events, exhibit openings, and more.


Membership Fees (One Calendar Year)

Seniors (65 & over)


Youth (Under 16)