Artifact Collection


The Crowsnest Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts and archival material. The artifact collection contains objects from the area that help tell the cultural history of the Crowsnest Pass. The archival holdings includes newspapers, church records, mining information, maps, blueprints, and much more. Our archive is home to approx. 60,000 photographs and negatives. This includes images from the renowned Gushul family collection.  

The collection helps preserve the history and tells the story of the Crowsnest Pass. At this time the collection (both artifact and archival) is only searchable within the Museum. A sample of our holdings can be seen below. 

The holdings of the museum are collected through many generous donations. 



Photo Archives 


The Crowsnest Museum has a large repository of approximately 60,000 images in it's collection.  This includes images from the renown Gushul family collection.

Below is a sample of the images from our collection. Prints can be ordered either in digital or physical format by contacting the Crowsnest Museum.


0000 Gushul neg. GrassyMountainStripMine