Educational Programs

The Crowsnest Museum offers hands-on, stimulating curriculum based programs for youth and school groups of all ages. Developed by teachers, all programs are integrated with various aspects of the Alberta and British Columbia educational curricula and can be adapted to meet the specific program needs based upon age, grade, size and needs of any group.

Our program is based on our artifact enriched collection and their related stories as we encourage participants to immerse themselves in these “treasures” of the historic Crowsnest Pass.



•To learn and apply inquiry strategies to assist in developing a greater understanding of the link between the past and present as it relates to the history of the Crowsnest Pass.

•To encourage questioning, analyzing, interpreting, sensory experiences and applying personal knowledge as methods of learning.

•To encourage both convergent and divergent thinking to promote logical connections.

•To learn and practice respect for museums and care of artifacts.





Our regular tours are a great complement to any of our curriculum-based school programs! Check out our tour page here or call us for information on customized tours for your group.


Crowsnest Museum School Programs


Book one of our fantastic curriculum-based school programs, and make the most of the past! School programs are available Tuesday through Friday throughout the school year.







A Toy Story (K - Grade 2, 1 hour)

This program explore the museum’s collection of old and well-loved toys. We read a classic children’s book about how our love for toys makes them ‘real.’ After the story, make your own toy to take home based on pieces in the museum’s permanent displays.

A Visit to The Past (Grade 1-2, 1 hour) 

In this program we will explore concepts surrounding the home, school and shopping. We will have hands on exposure to turn-of-the-century laundry tools, be responsible for addition and subtraction while ‘shopping’ in our general store, and learn what a lesson in a one-room classroom might have been like.

Ethnicity Trunks (Grade 5, 1 hour 15 minutes)

Get into the mindset of an immigrant from one of the 43 different ethnic groups who made the Crowsnest Pass home by snooping through a trunk of their possessions. Learn how to ‘read’ objects for clues about the people who make or owned them!


​Coleman Stories (Grades 6 -  12, 1 hour)

Discover the rich history of the National Historic Site of Coleman, AB while competing in a photo scavenger hunt!  Aimed at older children, this fun, fast and interactive program seeks to engage students with the past (downtown Coleman) and present (use of technology) in order to reach participants beyond the traditional ‘walking tour’ format. The kids have told us this is a fun program, especially because they like to win and their teachers, well, to lose.