Current Exhibitions

Mining Room

Experience an overview of mining history of the Crowsnest Pass.  Through original mining equipment, maps, videos and even a dinosaur bone you can discover the miner's life in the Pass.

Pioneer Room

Dioramas of early pioneer life fill this room.  Experience the culture, connection and even religion of the early towns that made up the Crowsnest Pass.  

Wildlife Room

While visiting the Crowsnest Pass you have a chance to see many animals around the area, but within the Museum's Wildlife Room you can see all the wildlife of the region, from the prairies to the mountain tops, all in one place. 

General Store/Blacksmith Shop

Mercantilism has been a staple in the Crowsnest Pass since its early roots.  Explore a mock-up of one of the last Blacksmith Shops in the Pass as well as try to purchase some goods at the Italian Grocers counter.

Military/Police Gallery

Explore the vibrant and rich military history of the Crowsnest Pass, especially the area's deep involvement in WWI and WWII.  Our police history is also on display reaching back to the Great March of the NWMP.  

Temporary Gallery

The old gymnasium of the Coleman High School building now houses the Museum's termporary exhibits and programming spaces.  Be sure to check out the gallery for special exhibits as well as the permanent exhibits that border the room.

Photos we graciously provided by Mountain Drift Photography