The Crowsnest Museum offers several tours to fully explore different aspects of the history of the Crowsnest Pass from many sources, as well as meet the needs of different tour groups. 
Our programs are based on our rich collection of artifacts and their related stories as we encourage participants to immerse themselves in these treasures of the historic Crowsnest Pass.

Groups may choose to participate in one or more of the programs and the length of the program(s) will be modified to meet those time requirements if necessary.


1. Guided Tour of the Crowsnest Museum

Through the museum’s collection of over 25,000 artifacts and archival items, hear the stories and see the artifacts that tell the story of the life of the underground coalminer and his family as they lived through the boom and bust of the coalmining industry in the early 1900’s in the Crowsnest Pass.

Take a trip through the home of the average pioneer family. Learn about the area’s mines through local artifacts and stories from those who lived through this part of our history, as well as about the process and business of underground coal mining. See a recreated general store, a diorama of the areas flora and fauna, as well as much much more.


2. Downtown Coleman Walking Tour

No experience is like the real deal, and when it comes to being submerged in history, downtown Coleman has you covered!  The buildings of this picturesque community and the adjacent International Mine site are a National Historic Site. Each building has a story to tell. In a 30 minute walking tour learn what it was like to live in a multi-ethnic coal town in the early part of the 1900’s.

  • See the International Coal and Coke Co. main office and view the remains of the coke ovens.
  • Learn how the beehive coke oven operated.
  • Learn about the Italian Benevolent Society and other such societies’ role in the history of the people who lived and worked in Coleman and neighboring towns.
  • Find out why builders positioned the front windows as they did in the many stores.
  • Discover the major hobby of the Dr. Lilly, a prominent dentist in early Coleman.
  • Hear the story of the Crystal Palace and its importance to the residents of Coleman.
  • Imagine how the rum runners ducked out of sight during a police pursuit through the streets of Coleman.
  • Be part of the scene when Constable Lawson was gunned down by Emperor Pic and Filomena.
  • Learn about the many merchants of Coleman and the services they offered.
  • Find out how Coleman got its name.

3. Miner’s Path Hike

(An easy one km. historic and nature hike. A camera is a must on this trail!)

Retrace the steps taken by the miners of McGillivray Creek Coal and Coke Co. Ltd. For over 50 years, starting in 1909 these men, bucket and flashlight in hand, came from all parts of Coleman to walk this glacially carved spur to the McGillivray complex high above the valley.

Hear the stories of the “Biggest Piggy Bank”, the mighty Douglas Fir and the tiny field mice, the companionship of the miners as they journeyed along the path, Chunky Jerry, the “bumps” and the 1926 mine explosion. Enjoy the diversity of fauna and flora, variations in topography and microclimate along the trail.

Through your guides descriptions and photos, visualize the McGillivray complex where the men prepared to walk the 200 stairs down into the depths of the mine. 

4. Prohibition GeoTour

Participate in this Crowsnest Pass GeoTour adventure and learn about the incredible prohibition and police history in the Crowsnest Pass. The first 100 persons to complete the challenge and return their fully-stamped passports to the Crowsnest Museum will receive a prize. There are still lots of prizes!  Below is a PDF version of the GeoEvent Passport but printed copies are also available for pick-up at the museum. 

Click Here to Print a Passport: PDF