Fees and Usage


The Crowsnest Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts and archival material. The artifact collection contains objects from the area that help tell the cultural history of the Crowsnest Pass. The archival holdings includes newspapers, church records, mining information, maps, blueprints, and much more. Our archive is home to 300,000 photographs and negatives. This includes images from the renowned Gushul family collection.  


The collection helps preserve the history and tells the story of the Crowsnest Pass. At this time the collection (both artifact and archival) is only searchable within the Museum. A sample of our holdings can be seen below. 


The holdings of the museum are collected through many generous donations. 


Fees and Usage 


Personal Use 

These reproductions are for one time personal use only. This includes research, gifts, school projects, genealogies. 


Hard copy prints  8” x 10” $15.00 

Digital copies  

With provided DVD or memory stick $15.00 


Publication Use 


A fee of $15.00 per image is charged for publication use. This includes print material such as books, magazines, films, websites, virtual exhibits, blogs, etc. Purchasing an image for publication gives you non exclusive license for your specific product, in all global jurisdictions, all languages and all media. The Crowsnest Museum requests a copy of the final publication to add to our library. 


Commercial Use   


A commercial fee of $50.00 per image is charged for commercial use.  This includes advertisements and items for resale such as t-shirts, post cards, coffee mugs, calendars, etc.  Purchasing an image for publication gives you non exclusive license for your specific product, in all global jurisdictions, all languages and all media. 



Credit Line 

Unless indicated otherwise all use of images must include the Crowsnest Museum’s name and the image identification number. Credits must appear in close proximity to the image or in a special section devoted to credits. The exception would be in films where the Crowsnest Museum’s name shall appear in the credits with the exception of the identification number. 



Credit: Crowsnest Museum & Archives CM-BL-21-10 


There will be a credit exception with some photo collections within the Crowsnest Museum.  The credit line will be given upon purchase of the image. 


All reproduction and research request fees must be paid in advance. 



Conditions of Use for Publication or Commercial Use 




Permission for publication is granted solely for the purpose described in the agreement.  


Permission that has been granted terminates immediately upon publication or production of the product.  


Use of the image for other publications/use will be considered upon application for reuse. 


Images from the Crowsnest Museum may not be reused, transferred, assigned, sold or otherwise shared without written permission. 


Images shall be reproduced in their entirety and shall not be altered in any way that could affect their historical integrity unless permission is received from the Crowsnest Museum. 


Crowsnest Museum retains all rights to the images and does not surrender its own right to publish it or to grant permission for others to do so. 


Images used on a website shall not exceed a resolution of 72 dpi. 


In cases where the images are produced online the archives requires a link back to its website: http://www.crowsnestmuseum.ca  


Crowsnest Museum reserves the right to require a release from individuals whose privacy may be violated by publication of an image. 


Use of an image of an identifiable individual in a manner which suggests endorsement or association of any product, cause, institution, service is prohibited.  


Upon request, the applicant agrees to send to send a copy of the work produced to the Crowsnest Museum & Archives.