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From the back cover:
This book uses both fiction and non-fiction as a unique approach to storytelling.

On the left-hand pages, lyrical text and colourful illustrations tell a story of a young crow's early morning spring adventure.  Using his senses, the fledgling discovers the world around his nest.  Expertly woven into this delightful story are interesting facts about crows and other plants and animals in a city park.

Captioned and labelled photographs, word boxes, a diagram, and a map make the non-fiction portion of this book an accessible source of information for young readers.

Science: Biodiversity, animal classification, food chains, life cycles, ecosystems, geology, and the connections between living and non-living things are some of the concepts included in this book.

A Spring Adventure With Crows

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Brenda Boreham, Terri Mack & Lisa Shim

  • Strong Nations Publishing Inc.

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