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In spite of the increasing sophistication of avalanche hazard forecasting, an alarming number of people die every year in backcountry avalanche accidents.  This updated edition of Tony Daffern's bestselling reference book contains the latest information on mitigating avalanche risk, focusing on the following vital topics:
- Mountain Weather
- Snow and Snowpack

- Types of Avalanches
- Avalanche Terrain
- Trip Planning
- Avalanche Gear
- Travel in Avalanche Terrain
- Riding Steep Slopes
- Companion Rescue
Featuring colour photographs along with detailed charts, graphs and diagrams, Backcountry Avalanche Safety is a well-researched, clearly written and informative guide for skiers, snowshoers, sledders and boarders who travel through avalanche terrain during the winter months.

Backcountry Avalanche Safety (4th Edition)

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  • Tony Daffern

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