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From the back cover:
He is a monster as wolves go.  Dark, menacing, black.  Those qualities alone struck terror to those who happened upon him, though few actually ever had.  Even in the dead of night his intense, glowing amber eyes have the power to transfix his prey with paralytic fear.  Among ordinary folk of the Crowsnest Pass he is legendary.

She is no ordinary child, though; just a wee bit of a creature.  Old enough to perhaps know fear without necessarily understanding it.  After all, at the age of six she can hardly be expected to have experienced a single moment that might provoke the chill of terror or cause the heart to race out of control.

The fear she felt that morning came and went more as a brief electrical shock.  In the pre-dawn hours on a lonely forest pathway leading from the cabin she shares with her widowed father the two meet face to face.  From that singular moment, seemingly predestined, they share something quite beyond anything that can be explained by logic or reason.  Never are they to be "friends."  That would be too simple, too human an interpretation, evocative of a sentiment confined to our own narrow range of emotions.

He is Blackheart.  She Buckskin Girl.

They share life as we know and understand it, then they share eternity.

Buckskin Girl and Blackheart

  • Rick Gillis

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