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From the back cover:

There is something more than great skiing and snowboarding at Castle Mountain.  There's a certain magic to the place.

It's the kind of magic that pulls at your shirtsleeve and says "doesn't get any better than this."  There is magic on the slopes and in the valley that enchants the chose few who spend enough time at the mountain to recognize it.

The magic comes through in all types of experiences.  Whether it's carving across an untracked blanket of white, watching the sun rise over the mountains or the innumerable good times with friends - there is something that pulls you closer to the place, often without even knowing it.

The magic is you become so entwined with the mountain you start sensing where it's hiding little stashes of experiences.  At times you could swear you could sense how it feels and thinks.

It doesn't take long once you sense the magic to be drawn in.  The mountain's struggles soon become yours.  You want to perservere in this place, just as the mountain has perservered.  Even the wind's wretched, screaming chorus doesn't push you away - it eventually starts to welcome you, making you more determined to stay.

Can you feel the Castle Magic?

For Skiing Pleasure Unlimited:A History of West Castle to Castle Mountain Resort

  • Steven Kenworthy

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