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From the back cover:

1943, Nurse Kittie McEwan arrives at an isolated camp deep in the Canadian north, where German POWs are given wild animals as pets and officers are encouraged to dance with the locals.  Kittie soon discovers her friend, Nora, is implicated in a complicated ring of espionage.

What started as a friednship becomes something much more for Kittie, and she finds herself doing things she never thought possible to protect Nora's secret.

In post-war Toronto, the web of deceit tightens further.  As Nora grows desperate to recapture the love of her returning soldier, the two women's obsessions collide, leading to a fatal conclusion that changes their lives and binds them together forever.

Suspensful and gripping,
My Beautiful Mistake, is a cinematic World War II story with a contemporary feel for how a toxic friendship twists into a chilling push for revenge.

My Beautiful Mistake

  • Joni MacFarlane

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