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From the back cover:
It was not a future that looked particularly bright for young John Thompson.  A 15-year-old grade 9 dropout, he seemed to possess little that could foretell any path to success.

Education comes in many forms, however, and so it was with Johnny.  His form took the unlikely shape and presence of Ernie Greely, a complicated personality who was ultimately to determine the future of his young acolyte.

Willy Hoogerdijk, a detestable charachter in Johnny's fledgling career as a used car salesman would, through circumstance, hang the name Johnny P'tuu on this impressionable young man.

His life would take on a wide, international scope, but he remained solidly anchored to his roots in his small community of Milestone, Alberta.

Though friends with the likes of Fidel Castro and the Prime Minister of Canada, he was often more comfortable in the dark grease pit of his shabby car repair shop.

The Astonishing Legend of Johhny P'tuu is a tale of hope and positivity in a world often deficient in both.

The author seamlessly blends two contradictory personalities into a totally believable life story.

The Astonishing Legend of Johnny P'tuu

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  • Rick Gillis

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