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From the back cover:
It's a late spring day in 1969 and Sharon has been married eleven months.  For eleven months she's woken up and made her husband his coffee and meals.  She's cleaned his dishes, his house, his laundry.  She's filled her days in her effort to be a good wife.  But Sharon has a secret, something even Albert doesn't know.  It's a secret buried beneath years and silence and sad smiles.

Trying to reconcile her past decisons with her current realities, and her relationships and promises with her own wants, Sharon stumbles through her day.  She faces questions, uncertainties, conflicts, routines, and above all, her own truths.

At times painful, at others triumphant, but always sincere, this emotional story offers an unflinching window into a single day in a time not far removed from our own, and a woman grappling with the secret that shapes her life.

To Air the Laundry

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Krysta MacDonald

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