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Not Reopening...yet...

The staff at the Crowsnest Museum is continuing to work as best we can to serve our community. Work is continuing behind our closed doors and we can’t wait to see everyone again.

Even though we want to have you visit the Museum as soon as possible, that isn’t possible yet. The Crowsnest Museum will NOT be ready to open in May even though museums have been permitted to reopen in the Government of Alberta’s Phase 1.

At this point in time we simply are not able to offer a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience in the Museum. We are planning to open in June, but only when we can ensure the safety and comfort of the staff, volunteers and guests. Right now we are tracking down supplies, making procedures, and working on guidelines that will allow everyone who comes into the Crowsnest Museum a great visit and not endanger their health.

We may be able to accommodate visits by appointment in the coming weeks, so if you have a need for a visit or research please give us a call to see if it is a possibility.

We hope everyone is being safe, patient, and smart as we slide down the backside of this ‘curve’ together. We will see you soon.


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