It is with a heavy heart and sincere sadness that the Board of Crowsnest Historical Society heard of the passing of Anne Spatuk.  She was a wonderful lady, pillar of the heritage community and a guiding light for the Society and Crowsnest Museum.  She will be greatly missed.

Anne was a founder of both the Crowsnest Historical Society and Crowsnest Museum & Archives.  She served as President of the Society for 20 years from 1975 to 1995, as well as countless hours within the Museum walls creating displays, researching, preserving, and disseminating history for the residents and visitors of the Crowsnest Pass.  Anne has permanently left her mark on the heritage of the Crowsnest Pass and her legacy includes founding the Crowsnest Museum and her hard work on the Crowsnest and its People history books.  Her passion for history and its preservation will live on for decades to come.

From the Board and the Staff of the institutions Anne helped create, we pass along our condolences to her family, and our promise that Anne and her impact will be remembered for a long time to come.






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