The Crowsnest Historical Society and the Crowsnest Museum & Archives extend a sincerely and heartfelt condolence to the family and friends of the late Evan Gushul.  Evan passed away on October 7th and will be greatly missed.  He was 98.

The Gushul family has a significant legacy in Crowsnest Pass history and the entire family has brought our heritage to life for the generations to come.

We were fortunate to have Evan visit the Crowsnest Historical Society’s last AGM in March 2014. The Society was very proud to present Evan with a Lifetime Achievement Award and he treated us to a vivid and incredibly interesting commentary about the Gushul Collection images that were being displayed at the event.

Evan Gushul will be greatly missed.  We here at the Crowsnest Museum & Archives are greatly honoured to be entrusted with ensuring that the wonderful images, artifacts and stories from Evan and his family are preserved for all to experience.

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