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Maybe you're camping beside Harrison Lake in Sasquatch Provincial Park, or a couple of days into your trek along the West Coast Trail.  Perhaps you've been exploring the Alberta Badlands, or swimming the crisp waters of Okanagan Lake.  Wherever you find yourself in Western Canada's wilderness, gather your companions around the fire or bundle yourself up in a sleeping bag with Campfire Stories of Western Canada.

Find out why a stranger in an elevator refuses to answer a pleasantly chatty lady's questions.  Discover how a retro roadside diner can survive on it's impossibly low prices.  Meet a shipwrecked man who approaches a vessel to beg for food but declines rescue.

Tellers and readers of paranormal tales will delight in bestselling author Barbara Smith's new collection of creepy stories, based on truth and local legends.

Campfire Stories of Western Canada

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  • Barbara Smith

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