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From the back cover:
Starting near the banks of Alberta's Bow River, we'll travel south through five distinct regions of the Front and finish on the edge of the Dearborn River in Montana.  We'll voyage throught the Kananaskis region, with its hulking, forest-clad foothills, which rival many mountain ranges in size and stature.  We'll continue into the Northern Range, where cattle have replaced bison and where today ranching is still king.  We'll cross the Crowsnest River and venture down the Waterton Front, where the broad, flat plains rise up into steeply pitched mountains.  Once we cross the Medicine Line, we'll be in Blackfeet Country, with Glacier National Park and the Badger-Two Medicine region to the west and open prairie all around.  Finally, we'll conclude our trek together along the Rocky Mountain Front, with it's cliffs and reefs and buttes that scrape raw the bottom of the sky.

It's country wll known to many, deeply loved and cared for, yet vulnerable and fragile.  We'll pause here and there to consider its past, present and its future, all the while keeping the mountains on our right, the Great Plains on our left, the earth below and sky all around.

 - from Earth and Sky

Earth and Sky: Photographs and Stories from Montana and Alberta

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  • Stephen Legault

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