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From the back cover:
In 1901, naturalist George Bird Grinnell took note of an extensive network of mountains, ridges, valleys, lakes, and rivers on both sides of the Continental Divide from northen Montana into southern British Columbia and Alberta.  Disregarding political boundaries, he named the place "The Crown of the Continent."  Obviously inspired by the region's majestic landscape and the abundant wildlife it sustained, Grinnell also recognized the need to conserve it.  But while the name "Crown of the Continent" speaks to the region's beauty with more than a passing nod to European monarchy and history, the Blackfeet name for the place carries a more vital and universal meaning: "miistakis," the "backbone of the world."

Paying respect to regional history and local knowledge,
Exploring the Castle: Discovering the Backbone of the World in Southern Alberta offers an authorative yet readable overview of the Castle region's culture, aboriginal history, natural history, climate, flora and fauna, as well as explanations of frequently contentious present-day land uses and development.  It is also a trail guide, with maps, photos and descriptions explaining where, when and how to enjoy the Castle with insight and care.  This book does not list every possible route or catalogue every historical land use.  Rather, it offers an invitation to experience a unique landscape of physical, biological, historical and cultural diversity with renewed sensitivity and awareness.

Exploring the Castle: Discovering the Backbone of the World in Southern Alberta

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  • Robert Kershaw

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