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From the back cover:

In Plain Sight highlights a selection of natural wonders and outdoor adventures located in southern Alberta.  The places featured in this book have been chosen for their utter uniqueness, beauty and splendour.  Some are easy to get to and easy to get around in; others require a bit more time and energy.  Overall, you will be stimulated, enlightened, delighted, amazed, uplifted and broadened by these experiences.  These are truly awesome places, in the very real sense of that word.  All are in plain sight, though they are little visited by locals or tourists.

The book contains chapters on Waterton Lakes National Park, Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, Dinosaur Provincial Park, the Whaleback and a number of other special places.  The narrative covers the geological record and the natural and human history of the places in order to explain how each locale is unique and worthy of further investigation.

In Plain Sight: Exploring the Natural Wonders of Southern Alberta

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  • Neil L. Jennings

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