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The Canadian Pacific Railway (or "CPR") was instrumental in constructing the concept - and the reality - of the country we now call Canada.  In addition to building the railroad that connected the country from coast to coast, the CPR was also highly effective at selling the idea of a vast and rich land of opportunity and triggering a massive wave of immigration to what was dubbed the "Golden Northwest" (later the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta).  No other independent corporation in the world made such a profound contribution to the creation of a national enterprise, nor outspent a national government in populating its frontiers with settlers from specifically targeted areas, often displacing indigenous populations from their traditional territories in the process.  Tracing the history of this highly influential corporation, historian David Laurence Jones explores the CPR's involvement in carving out routes to the region, building towns, promoting Western Canada's arable land and economic potential to Europeans and Americans, operating steamships, and spearheading some of the largest irrigation projects in the world.  Stunningly illustrated with more than four hundred archival photos and advertisments, New World Dreams is the most extensive history of Canadian Pacific ever published.

New World Dreams: Canadian Pacific Railway and the Golden Northwest

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  • David Laurence Jones

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