2020 Membership Drive

The world has changed over these past weeks, and we are all working hard to see the end of this pandemic. It has been difficult, it has been interesting, and it has changed us. The Crowsnest Museum has not avoided this change. The work we are doing today is nowhere near what we usually do in April and leading up to our busy summer months. We are working hard on making the Museum better, and planning on how we can serve our community once all of this is over. It’s at this point that we need to ask our community and supporters to please consider renewing your memberships for 2020. This is probably the most difficult Membership Drive we have ever embarked on. We understand that times are very t

Can you believe it has been a month!

On March 17 the Crowsnest Museum was closed to the public, and since then a lot has changed. We here at the Museum want to thank everyone who has supported us over the last month, and we applaud everyone who has self-isolated and helped end this pandemic as quickly as possible. We also hope that you have enjoyed our new content. The "At Home in the Crowsnest Pass" video series has taken off and we hope you're having as much fun with them as we are. If anyone out there wants to make their own video, please do and we will get you into the rotation of videos. There is a new video every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel. http://tiny.cc/2t77mz The staff h

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