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Collections of the Pass: Introduction

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at the Crowsnest Museum? We're introducing a new feature to our blog exploring the collections side of the museum.

Responsible for this new feature is a new face: that's me, Alex Weller. I've been hired on a six month contract to help catalogue and organise a portion of the museum's large collection. I was born and raised in Invermere B.C., but I have family ties to Coleman. My great grandmother came here from Poland with her family around 1905, and I still have relatives living here.

Museums have a reputation for cramming dusty old things on dusty old shelves, and there's some truth to that. The museum definitely has its share of old things! My goal is to try and show how we ensure those old things stay less dusty and more organised so that they're around for future generations. In the two weeks I've been here, I've already encountered some interesting surprises, so who knows what might happen at the museum this winter!

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