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Collections of the Pass: Mystery Artefacts

It's been an interesting week here in collections at the Crowsnest Museum. I've been going through boxes of artefacts to enter them into our digital database, clean them, and take photos. Through the course of my explorations, I've come across some interesting objects! Can you guess what these were used for?


Object 1: This round, wooden object has three parts: two 'C' shaped pieces on either side, and a round, two sided screw that holds these two pieces together. Using this screw, the space between the two wooden pieces can be increased or decreased.


Object 2: An iron item, consisting of two, curved prongs attached at one end by a round pivot.


Object 3: This metal object is a bit more complicated. It consists of a tub, at the bottom of which is a screw-like mechanism controlled by the handle on the side. This screw extends into a silver coloured tube that juts out of the one side of the tub. There is a clamp on the bottom of the device for attaching it to a flat surface, such as a table.


Object 4: At first glance this shiny, chrome box looks simple enough, but open it up and things get a bit more interesting. The box itself would easily fit into the palm of your hand. Underneath the top lid, there is a little compartment the entire width of the container. This compartment is rounded at the bottom, and in the remaining space underneath a small flask fits neatly inside the box. When the top of this flask is opened up, there is a fabric wick in the neck of the bottle.


Do you have any guesses of what these items are?

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