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Collections of the Pass: That's All For Now

Our collections project at the Museum is drawing to a close, so we thought we'd share some before and after photos of our progress in the last seven months.

Storage Room, November 2016
Seven Months Later: May 2017

Storage Room November 2016 (left), and in May 2017 (right).

A shelf of hats, November 2017
Hat shelf, May 2017

Hat Storage, before and after.

Cleaning involves creating a mess. Here's our gym at peak mess.

Cleaning involves creating a mess. Here's our gym at peak mess (above), and after it was all cleaned up (below).

All cleaned up!
Shelving, November 2017
That same shelving, May 2017

Storage for books in November (left), and that same shelf in May holding objects for Sound Communication (right).


In the process of removing clothes for cleaning (left), and returning clothes to storage (right). Some of our clothes have been put in cotton bags for added protection, and note the moth trap on the bottom shelf for continued monitoring! We've also added cotton sheets over each clothing bay as an additional dust cover (below).


More hanging storage before cleaning (left), and after (right). All hanging clothes have a tag attached to the hanger (below) for quick and easy identification.


After emptying the shelf (left), and after filling it again with shoes (right). This project has provided us with much more room!


Special storage for long and cumbersome items.


More specialty storage, this time for framed materials. Room for growth here too!


New labels separate all objects according to categories from the museum nomenclature, making items very easy to store and find!


Another storage area, this one dedicated to archival material.


Very small items are laid out in a drawer to allow for easy viewing and retrieval.


Inside each box, objects are separated and protected by interleaving foam or tissue paper.


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